Few things are better than good conversation with good people. 

Add in a sunset? Now that's perfect. At least that’s how we see it. 

That’s how The Lakeshore Life came to be. 

Founder Colton Overway and his friend, Matt Mulder, made it a point in the Summer of 2017 to catch as many sunsets as possible on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Night after night, the conversations concluded with a prevailing thought: “We wish everyone could see the immaculate beauty the lakeshore has to offer.” 

Shortly thereafter, at the request of a friend, Overway and Mulder started an Instagram page (@thelakeshorelife) as a way to share the beauty for all to see.

The page gained traction in a hurry, as followers came by the dozens after every post. It quickly became clear that many people appreciate the lakeshore’s allure the same way we do. 

And so, The Lakeshore Life was created. 

We’re a company that strives to spread positive lakeshore vibes through apparel, as well as feature and promote lakeshore photographers by sharing the beauty they capture through their lens. 

Join us. 

Relax. Explore. Appreciate. The Lakeshore Life way.