Hunter Brumels - Photographer

This is Hunter. Hunter loves living the Lakeshore Life. It’s not uncommon for him to hop in his car and head north, spending a weekend by the lakes and taking in the beauty of the shores. When he’s not taking incredible pictures, Hunter enjoys fishing, especially for Brook Trout and hanging out with his friends. We have had the pleasure of spending some time with him, learning about what inspires his photography. His work speaks for itself... He is one of our favorite Lakeshore photographers. Because of this, we asked him a few questions about his inspirations, aspirations, and his favorite places to visit on the Lakeshore. 

How did you get started in photography?

Honestly, I started getting into photography when I had some extra money and was walking through Best Buy one day. I always thought that photography would be fun.  It would get me outside and looking around for different things to shoot. I never really thought it would be something that I would end up falling in love with. Photography has connected me with some amazing people and has provided me with some incredible opportunities to connect other passions with my passion for photography.

What inspires your photography?

Other passions that I enjoy such as hiking and fly fishing definitely inspire me in my photography.  Anytime that I can combine my passions with photography it inspires me to go out and try to take great pictures. I also am inspired by some of my friends who are great photographers.  Whenever we all get together and take pictures, I get excited about photography all over again.

Where is your favorite place on the Lakeshore to photograph?

My favorite place to photograph on the lLakeshore is at my family's cottage in Ludington.  There is a great mix of forest and lakeshore.

What three places along the Lakeshore are on your photography bucket list?

I would love to visit Sleeping Bear Dunes, Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park and Alpena. 


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